A while ago I downloaded an app that tells me how much time I spend on my phone. Boy was I shocked. The thing is, when you’re alone with a baby, your phone feels like your only window to the outside world. It’s difficult not to reach out to send a WhatsApp message, check your social media accounts, reload your inbox over, and over, and over again.

This is why you’ve seen a bit less of me in the past few weeks.

I needed a digital detox!

I needed to re-learn how to be present and mindful. Personally, “mindlessness” is one of the things that I very easily drift back into, just like one’s abs might go all weak after only a week of no exercise.

I also notice that I’m stressed while using my phone, a fact that is backed by research.

The outside world can be reached in many other ways. Some examples that work for me are: going for walks outside in nature; finding a block of uninterrupted time to speak to a good friend instead of whatsapp conversations that last for days; putting on the radio to listen to a good show; or listening to a podcast.

Notice your jaw right now. Is it clenched? If it is, then your nervous system isn’t in relaxation mode. Drop your phone -even if you think this post is interesting, in which case, let me know!- and take a deep breath.

How does that feel?

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