Your smartphone use and how it might be depleting your energy

Leave a mum with a smartphone and she might not be bored for the whole day!⁠

👀Buying next-sized clothes for your toddler ⁠
👀Checking out pinterest for child room decoration ideas ⁠
👀Scrolling on instagram for motivation or fun⁠
👀Texting and sending voice messages to friends⁠
👀Checking out parenting blog posts⁠

The temptation is huge to grab the phone and open that window to the outside world. Let’s admit it, we’re hooked.⁠

But if you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, your smartphone use might be making things worse. ⁠

Technology is an amazing tool. For some of us it’s indispensable (otherwise how else would I reach you, dear followers?). But if we’re on our phone the whole day, we’re “ON” the whole day. ⁠

And if we’re “on” the whole day, how can we be “off” in the evening and fall asleep easily? How can we be truly present with the people around us if half or our attention is on that little thing that’s blinking or making notification sounds? ⁠

Here’s an experiment: try a phone-less day where you put your phone in airplane mode – or if that’s too much for you, just turn of data and wifi. If even that is too much for you, you can let a few important people know what your plans are for the day. ⁠

👉🏻Notice your energy levels⁠

👉🏻Notice how your eyes feel⁠

👉🏻Notice your overall sense of wellbeing. ⁠

Νotice life around you!


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