What will you keep from this version of reality?

I don’t know about you but I see change around me. The park next to our place is full of people exercising. That’s new people, because I’ve been going to the park around the same time each day for the past year. I’ve had people ask me for recipes, because with restaurants closed, they are cooking more-and they are getting creative because many things are out of stock. I had friends and family that I hadn’t talked to in ages reach out to me. It felt really good to get back in touch.

Being in lockdown is definitely not a natural situation and we all want things to go back to normal sooner rather than later. But what if we can keep some aspects of this version of reality after this all ends? Did you:

  • discover any favourite workouts on youtube? 

  • find a new hobby thanks to something that has been available for free online?

  • rediscover something that you had at home but had forgotten all about and that brings you joy?

  • reconnect with your loved ones, or got back in touch with people you hadn’t spoken to in years?

  • start cooking more and realised that, actually, it doesn’t take that much time and it isn’t that expensive, on the contrary, it can be fun?

It might take a lockdown for some people to rediscover what they truly need and to reconnect with themselves and others.

If you’re afraid that you will go back to same old same old after the restrictions are lifted, get in touch. There’s nothing like a coach to give you the support you need to make those healthy habits “stick”.


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