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Imagine not feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. Imagine waking up in the morning with energy and not dreading the day ahead. Imagine being a mum without feeling like the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders.

Is this you:


"I feel like I am "just a mum""


"I feel exhausted when I wake up in the morning and throughout the day, but the doctor says that everything looks fine"


"I'm really scared I’ll go into burnout if things don’t change soon, but I feel stuck"


"I wouldn't function without lots of coffee and sugar to get me through the day"


"I always feel like I am "on""


"Self-care? What is that?"

I know exactly how that feels like. I also felt completely lost, overwhelmed and exhausted when I became a mother. I felt like a half-version of myself, without the strength or headspace to follow my dreams and live life fully.

What if you could be a mum and also feel light, happy, healthy, whole,

more like yourself?

While we can’t influence runny noses and tantrums, we -yes, even us mums- have the right to feel good.

I’m here to help you get from ‘just coping’ to feeling more like yourself again, without guilt.

Introducing: A Whole Mum

An 8-week online programme

One short lesson per week, dealing with a specific topic directly impacting your energy levels and overall wellbeing:

Week 1: Designing a life that works for you too-your mindset

Week 2: Using your strengths in motherhood

Week 3: Managing stress and overwhelm

Week 4: Sleep: more than just a dream

Week 5: Exercise: Whatever moves you

Week 6: How to eat for more energy and wellbeing (including tips and hacks on how to prepare fast, nutritious meals)

Week 7: Reconnecting to life and to yourself

Week 8: Designing your self-care filled life

Each week you will find:

  • 5-15minute audio files (podcast style) which you can listen to any time
  • One workbook per week so you can set tailor-made action steps
  • *Live* weekly Q&As/group coaching sessions with me and other programme participants (currently not offered because of maternity leave)
  • Bonus materials including meditations, exercises and my favorite online and offline resources

The investment for A whole mum:

220 euros (lower price because no live coaching calls are offered – maternity leave).

Still thinking about it, huh? Is this on your mind?

  • I feel like the biggest problem is that I don’t get any help at home. How will this programme help me deal with that?

I’m going to be honest – this programme will not get you a new partner. I do recognise this is as an issue for many of the mums I work with and they often feel like it’s hopeless to address it. What this programme will do, is help you set more boundaries, become more comfortable with asking for help, and doing so in a way that feels authentic. So yes, it will indirectly most definitely help you deal with this issue.

  •  I don’t have the money to pay for something like this, it feels like a luxury.

I get it – your priority is your family and this feels superfluous. Perhaps the following question might help you decide: What is at stake if you don’t invest in this programme and continue living life like this? Where will you be in five years time? Answer honestly. In addition, think about what your child/children and partner might be gaining from a more rested, more balanced you.

  • I usually purchase programmes like these and never quite follow through.

You too? I’m guilty of doing the same. But if you purchase this programme, you get lifetime access to it. You can download the audio files and workbooks and listen to them in your own time. Also, I’m just an email away and you can always reach out for some extra motivation to keep you going.

  • This all sounds great but I’m pretty sure it won’t make a difference to my life.

How do you know unless you try? Motherhood doesn’t go away and what you will learn will last a lifetime.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I don’t know much about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and the like. Is this programme for me?

    YES, this programme is absolutely for you! In fact, it was created with you in mind. It will enable you to establish and adopt the basics of a healthy lifestyle; it is not meant to be an upgrade to what you already know. There is no jargon: my aim is to help the average person who isn’t into the wellness world feel better. That being said, if you are in the wellness world, this programme will be a great reminder of how to actually implement what you know.

    • Why should I invest in your programme and not in therapy?

    If you can and want to do both, all the better! This programme does not offer any one-on-one sessions, and coaching is not therapy. If you’re struggling to put the basics in place for a life that supports your body and your mind, this programme will allow you to feel more like yourself. However, it will not replace therapy, and vice-versa.

    • How many hours per week should I commit to this programme?

    The audio/video files last anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes. The workbooks provide you with questions to tailor the content of the programme to your everyday life. Answering them depends on how much you want to reflect on them. Overall, you won’t be spending more than 2h a week doing the work given to you in each lesson. What might take more time is applying what you have learned. The 1h group coaching call is optional but participation is very much encouraged.

    • My children are older than 5 but I feel exactly like what you’re describing. Can I still participate in the programme?

    Yes! It’s true that I created with mums of toddlers in mind, but it can beneficial to every mother who is struggling. In fact, I see more and more women who never recovered from that difficult toddler phase. They also deserve to do more than ‘just cope’. 

    • When does the weekly group call take place?

    As soon as the other mums confirm their participation, I will run a poll with 3-4 suggestions of times, most probably for late at night (as we want our children to  be sleeping!). The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch later on.

    • What is the recommended pace to finish the course?

    I created this programme within an 8-week timeframe, offering live support calls once per week. However, you will most probably need more than 8 weeks to implement what you learn in your life. Building new habits takes time-this is why you have lifetime access to the course.

    • What happens after I purchase the programme?

    As soon as payment is received (via paypal or bank transfer), you will get an email with your log in and password. That’s it, you’re ready to go! You will get a weekly email from me with a link to join our Zoom calls.

    • Will you provide a list of supplements for me to take?

    It is not in my scope of practice as a health coach to make supplements recommendations. In addition, supplements are – as the word says it – a compliment to a healthy lifestyle. I will mention a few that could potentially be useful, but buying and taking them should only be done under your doctor’s guidance.

    • How can I contact you for more information?

    Feel free to send me an email at

    • Can I get an invoice if I join?



    "Thanks to Annie my relationship with food, dieting and physical workout has changed to the positive. She gave me lots of practical exercises and established new eating routines that I found easy to stick to. The results are striking. For the first time in four years my estrogen levels have reached a normal level again – and I have come much closer to making peace with my body. I would recommend Annie’s method of functional health coaching to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental wellbeing."

    Sandra, Germany

    "Two things about Annie - initiative and adaptability. Annie's method stands out in that she does not limit herself simply to the goals or obstacles with which the client comes in. Annie takes an active interest in learning who it is she is working with, and does the groundwork needed to modify one's approach to the individual case as it comes in. She positively empowers those she works with. I found Annie to be of solid help and great insight to my journey"

    Mike, Malta

    "I loved working with Annie as my coach. She is a very encouraging and compassionate coach. She helped me find more appreciation for my strengths and find ways to use them improve the areas I was struggling with. She was great at keeping me accountable without making me feel pressured. She gave me practical tools to use that didn't take much time from my busy life - I still use the breathing technique she recommended. Annie is passionate for what she's doing and it shows in her work."

    Denitsa, Switzerland

    "Even though I worked with Annie for a short period of time (only 5 sessions) she helped me not only to clarify and prioritize my objectives but also to get to know myself and my strengths better, embrace who I am and get the results I craved for. And it was all an easy proccess that didn't feel like a constant struggle with myself to do things.Thank you, Annie, for being such a warm hearted, understanding teamplayer."

    Daniela, Romania

    "Annie’s natural style and friendly approach immediately made me feel at ease. It was the first time that someone had probed my inner thoughts in a non-judgemental way where I felt comfortable and able to be open and honest. Annie has helped me to see that it is entirely acceptable to explore all avenues to find the solution that works best for you as an individual."

    Jenny, U.K.

    "Annie was exactly what I needed to help support and guide me during the process of doing an elimination diet. As opposed to focusing on what I couldn't eat, she helped me to see all the other possibilities I had. Her friendly and non-judgmental approach made it very easy to be coached and kept me accountable. We worked not only on diet but also stress management, relationships with others as well as to one's self. Thank you Annie!"

    Christina, Sweden

    "Annie was a great support during a time where I was experiencing a lot of stress at work, which was taking its toll on my mental and physical health. Through concrete skills and tricks, Annie helped me through a tough time. She also discovered that I might have celiac disease, which later was confirmed by a diagnosis. Thanks for everything Annie!"

    Julie, Belgium

    "I really enjoyed my time with Annie. I was impressed by her empathy, professionalism, compassion and deep insight. During my journey with Annie, she really took the time to understand who I am, what I needed, and was able to empower me with the right tools that I need to optimise and sustain my health. I left each session feeling completely energised and empowered; knowing what to do and how to do it. What I most honoured was that Annie truly embraces an full circle holistic approach, which totally resonated with me and allowed me to finally connect the dots. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a gem!"

    Paula, Germany

    "Annie is a great and very knowledgeable coach, who approaches health through various different lenses. She is also a great listener and firstly takes into consideration the individual person, and his situation, needs and preferences. In doing so, she also helps people gain a better understanding of what might be hurting them and how to benefit the most by making the least, most affordable, and sometimes most easily accessible changes."

    Evel, Cyprus

    I’m Annie, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and the mum of a toddler.

    I became a health coach after my own health struggles doctors couldn’t really help me with. My period was MIA and I was dealing with severe acne and digestive issues. After going from doctor to doctor and trying ever remedy there was to try, I realised that it was my lifestyle that was majorly responsible for how I was feeling. That’s how I got well again: by sleeping better, managing my stress levels, eating well, working out less (yes, less!), reconnecting with myself and the people around me. I also had to grieve the early loss of my mum, a childhood event that left scars that I had to deal with (I’m also a grief companion).

    Then my daughter was born, and all of these things flew out of the window. I started to realise how much new mums were in need of support and finally understood the meaning behind “When a child is born, so is a mother”. There really isn’t much support out there for us; neither on a mental nor on a physical level. The leap between pregnancy and motherhood is so huge, but everybody seems to ignore it. On the contrary, we are expected to function as well as before, or even better!

    All around me, I saw toddler mums “just coping” like I was. Exhausted, running on empty. Putting on brave, happy smiles.

    Do you want things to look different for you? Do you want to make your mental and physical health a priority but don’t know where to start?

    Get in touch!


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    Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self Regulation


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